In the early half of the 20th Century,

the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established.

Its breathtaking scenery and wildlife inspired the McLean family of Knoxville to purchase several hundred acres adjacent to the park's mountainous land. The intent was to build a family home to serve as a summer retreat, but this special sanctuary has evolved into something much more. We look forward to welcoming you and having you embrace the lodge and enjoy the things that our family has held so dear for generations. It is our hope that you will arrive as guests and depart as part of our extended family. Feeling the same way we do about our hideaway - perfection has an address. 


McLean Family Picnic

A McLean Family Picnic along the banks of Buckberry Creek, 1930. Victor H. McLean Sr. (second from right) and Victor H. McLean Jr. (indirectly in front - second from right), grandfather and father of Buddy and James McLean.