Gatlinburg, TN



The most changeable month of the year is March; snow can fall on any day, especially at higher elevations. Hikers are often caught off-guard when a sunny day around 70ºF or a little more is followed by a wet, bitter cold day. By mid to late April, the weather is moderate.



Heat, haze, and humidity are the norm by mid-June. Much precipitation comes from afternoon thundershowers.



In mid-September, a pattern of warm, sunny days and crisp, clear nights often begins. However, cool, rainy days also occur. Dustings of snow may fall at the higher elevations in November.

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Days during this changing season can be sunny and 65°F. or snowy with highs in the 20s. In the low elevations, snows of 1" or more occur 1-5 times per year. So snow in the valleys is uncommon. At Newfound Gap, 69" fall on average. Lows of -20°F. are possible in the high country.